Frequently asked questions

System requirements

With which browsers can I use the platform?

To display all components on the platform correctly, you require an up-to-date web browser including Javascript and SVG support.


I forgot my password!

If you forgot your personal password, you can retrieve a link by email. Within several minutes you'll be provided with an email inviting you to set your new password. Please note, that this email might be classified as spam occasionally. Check your spam folder, shouldn’t you promptly receive it.

My login does not work!

Ensure that you login with the email address, you used to register. If you forgot your password, please follow the instructions above. In case your login remains malfunctioning, we invite you to directly liaise with us.

What is a counsellor’s account?

A counsellor’s account enables you to connect with your clients directly on the platform. Only professionals with recognised skills in the area of psychological assessment and counselling are given access on request.

  • You are able to invite your clients to the platform. Should your client not have an account yet, one is automatically created.

Once your client has confirmed the connection with you, you gain access to the following features:

  • you can access the account details of your client, such as age, education, position in job etc.
  • you can access all questionnaire profiles of your client
  • you can see your client’s answers at item level
  • you have the option to compare your client’s profile to mean scores that are calculated from all other profiles of the respective questionnaire on our platform
  • you can invite your client to fill in questionnaires and you will receive the resulting profiles automatically

One year subscription to the counsellor’s account will be charged with 950.- CHF per counsellor and year (without VAT).

Request a counsellor's account

How can I acquire the assessment and counselling skills needed for the counsellor's account?

You can acquire the relevant skills in the CAS Laufbahndiagnostik und -beratung (online). The CAS is aimed at people who are already active in career counselling (e.g. career counsellors, coaches in vocational integration, outplacement counsellors, social workers, etc.) or are willing to bring in counselling cases from their private or professional environment.

How can I delete my account?

You can request the deletion of your account at any time by visiting My Account ⇨ Account Settings. You can confirm the deletion with a code that you will receive by e-mail. Once you have entered the code successfully, all data will be irrevocably deleted.

Profile / Questionaries

Why did my counsellor not receive my profile?

Ensure you entered the email of your counsellor correctly. Since occasionally the email might be classified as spam, please ask your counsellor to also check the spam folder.

Where can I see my profile?

To view your personal profile you have to sign in. Click on My Account ⇨ My Profiles. When completed a questionnaire, a link «My personal profile» appears leading you to your personal profile.

Why is the link to my profile no longer working?

Your profile's internet address (URL) is changing automatically after a certain time due to data protection policies. If you sign in, you will find the profile including the actual URL in the section My Account ⇨ My Profiles.

What information will be collected about myself?

We collect socio-demographic data when you complete the first questionnaire. You can adjust the data at any time. In addition, data relevant to operation and further development, such as account settings or usage behavior, are recorded.

All your data on Laufbahndiagnostik remains strictly confidential. Your data will be used for research purposes and for the development of the questionnaires and materials. However, the procedures do not allow any conclusions to be drawn regarding your identity.

No web or traffic analyses are carried out by third parties and we deliberately do not use external tracking services such as GoogleAnalytics.

Do I have access to my raw data?

For personal use, you can download all the raw data that you have entered on the platform Laufbahndiagnostik in the section My Account ⇨ Account Settings. The raw data is provided as a JSON file.