Welcome to Laufbahndiagnostik

The platform Laufbahndiagnostik systematically supports you in your professional development using scientifically proven questionnaires and materials enabling you to strengthen the basis for a satisfying career.

Crucial questions for this purpose are for instance: Which vocational interests and tendencies do I have? Which values and beliefs are driving me? Which dimensions of my personality are decisive for fulfilling career choices? What differentiates me from others?

For individuals our complete offering including the creation of your personal profile is free of any charge:

  • Proven questionnaires and materials for career assessments, which can be completed independently.
  • Your personal profile for every completed questionnaire, including an explanation or a summary of the completed process.
  • The possibility to conveniently forward your personal profile to your counsellor by email, should you use Laufbahndiagnostik as part of an individual counselling.
  • Continuous completion and further developing of the platform.

To gain access to our questionnaires and materials, you will need to register with your personal information once. Should you already have a personal login, please sign in with your password.

We advise you to discuss the profile and the summary with a recognised professional.

Qualified counsellors and proven experts within corporations and organizations are invited to benefit from Laufbahndiagnostik’s «Counsellor’s account». This service is subject to charge and allows – among various other advantages - to directly connect with your clients on the platform.

All your data on Laufbahndiagnostik remains strictly confidential. Your data will be used for research purposes and for the development of the questionnaires and materials. However, the procedures do not allow any conclusions to be drawn regarding your identity.